Deliver on your organisation’s purpose with practical tools and strategies for board members.

Your online learning platform
for flexible, always on hand
board governance training

Made for not-for-profit organisations

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Does any of this sound familiar to you?
If so, we can help!

You’ve taken on a new role on the board like chair or treasurer, but nobody can tell you exactly what that involves.


You can’t shake the feeling that your board could do better, but you aren’t sure how to fix it.


Your board members are frequently changing, and their valuable knowledge is lost.


You’ve joined the board with the best intentions but don’t know how to contribute in the best way.


Your board meetings get long, off-topic, and often end without an actionable plan.

Year-round governance education
for your board members

Ever-growing library of practical, useful resources

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Specifically tailored for not-for-profit organisations


More cost-effective than a one-day training with a consultant

Board Conversations Programme

Your organisation deserves an exceptional board that steps up to its leadership role

Exceptional boards don't come from one individual learning about governance. They are the result of the whole board having regular conversations about how they work. And committing together to get better at what they do.


Your board will learn and implement the best practices on governance. And have a framework for ongoing improvement.


It's like having your very own governance trainer in the boardroom all year round. At a fraction of the cost.


10 lectures covering the most important board responsibilities


Self-paced flexible learning, applicable in the moment


Suited for all boards regardless of experience and skill level


Access to our consultants for questions and feedback


Individual login for each board member


Add or change board members at any time during the subscription


Certification upon completion to show to your funders

Become an exceptional chair

Learn to lead your board effectively

You’re keen to make a difference in your new role as chair.


But you aren’t sure what you have to do. Or how to lead and manage your board.


Gain the structure, tools, and confidence to lead your board to greatness. 


Available from August 2020.

In 6 online sessions delivered over 12 weeks you’ll learn ...

What the chair as leader of the board does


How to plan and facilitate meetings


How to manage your board members and delegate effectively


How to recruit and induct new board members


And more

Board Member Essentials

What every new board member needs to know

How can new board members get up to speed as quickly as possible?


You can now learn the basic principles of serving on a board with self-paced online learning. Available anytime, anywhere.


Become an effective board member right from the start

In just 9 short video lectures (each under
6 min), you’ll understand …

Why the board exists and what it does


The difference between the board and management


Your responsibilities as a board member


How to prepare for a meeting


And more

Governance Library

24/7 governance resources for all occasions

What if you had every resource you ever needed as a board member, readily available?


All resources in our library are quick and easy to consume. And you can put them to action immediately. 


Harness the ability to handle any board situation.

Our ever-growing governance resources include:

Short videos with fact-check quizzes


Step-by-step guides


Case studies


Fact sheets







Live Webinars

Stay updated with the latest governance tips

Join our 45-minute webinars led by our experienced consultants to deep dive into current governance topics and have your questions answered.


Take your board performance to the next level. And connect with other dedicated board members.


2x webinars per month exclusively for subscribers to our Board Conversations Programme

Attendance is limited to allow for meaningful conversations.

Why you can trust us with your board governance education

Dear Board Member, CEO, or Funder,


I’m Carol Scholes, founder of Overview Effect, and I’ve held leadership roles in not-for-profit and commercial organisations for over 30 years.


You and I believe in the impact that great not-for-profit and community organisations can make in the world.


And you know that the board is at the very heart of this effort. 


You can now empower your board with the practical tools and strategies that I’ve developed after working with hundreds of not-for-profit organisations over 20+ years. 

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oe full colour exceptional boards.png
oe full colour exceptional boards.png
oe full colour exceptional boards.png

“In my new role as a Chief Executive of a national charity, Carol was immensely helpful in defining what was ‘management’ and what was ‘governance’. Also what good governance practice looked like.


Four years in, I have continued to work with Carol to understand what questions the board should be asking and to provide the right information to enable them to make informed decisions.

Carol’s depth of understanding of the not for profit sector and governance has been invaluable.”

Jane Bollard,
CEO Cystic Fibrosis New Zealand

“Carol has mentored Bird Rescue on a voluntary basis for around eight years now, and I have worked with her for the past five years in my capacity as a Trustee. 


Carol is a brilliant governance advisor.  Her skills, experience, independence and humour make her a valued and trusted member of our team and we’re looking forward to working with her to continue the process of upgrading our Board knowledge and systems.”

Jan Avey, Chair,
NZ Bird Rescue Charitable Trust

How Overview Effect compares to
other governance training solutions

Hiring a consultant to train board members
Looking for free resources online
Leveraging Overview Effect online training

Difficult to get the training delivered at a time and day when volunteer board members are available.

Available anytime, but you’ll have to find it first.

Accessible for all board members from anywhere at any time on any device with an internet connection.

Often focused on for-profit boards and less relevant for not-for-profit organisations.

Often not up-to-date, not relevant, and not practical. Missing the important details.

Only practical, useful information. Tailored specifically for not-for-profits of all sizes.

Conveys a lot of information in a very short amount of time.

Hard to find and access.

Available just-in-time whenever you need it.

Provides valuable insights, but most of it isn’t applied afterwards.

Results in a lot of confusion about how to apply the information.

You’ll know exactly what to do at any given point.

Any board member that can attend the one-time session.

Committed individual board members who will have to pass on their learning to others.

The board and management will learn and grow together.

$1,500+ for a one-day training.

Mostly free but time-consuming.

Affordable, flexible pricing for not-for-profits.

Pricing that works for not-for-profits

Annual Board


Empower up to 10 board members with the latest governance best practices, strategies, and tools. Learn and improve together as a board to better deliver on your organisation’s purpose.

Annual Individual Subscription

Ideal for new or aspiring board members. Or someone who has taken on a new role such as chair or treasurer. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to become an effective board member.

Monthly Individual Subscription

You might want to have a try before signing your board up. Or you’re just getting started on your journey to becoming an effective board member. Choose the monthly subscription for more flexibility.

Introductory Price
+GST | Billed annually (NZD)


  • Board Conversations Programme

  • Board Health Check

  • Implementation guide

  • Unlimited email access to our consultants

  • Access to our Governance Library

  • Certification upon completion

Individual login for each board member and your manager or CEO.


Add or change board members at any time during your subscription at no extra cost.

Saves $125 compared to monthly subscription
inc. GST | Billed annually (NZD)


  • Access to our Governance Library filled with videos, templates, step-by-step guides and more.

Monthly subscription
inc. GST | Billed monthly (NZD)


  • Access to our Governance Library filled with videos, templates, step-by-step guides and more

While getting maximum value for your time spent...

Help your organisation navigate challenges,
embrace new opportunities,
and better deliver on its purpose.

With Overview Effect online governance training


Lead more effective board meetings with less frustration


Make tangible decisions that move the organisation forward


Achieve clarity for your strategy, policy, and budget


Attract more support from funders, donors, and the community


Know what every board member has to do


Develop leadership skills


Retain your board members for longer


Make a real difference to your cause


Enjoy better relationships with your stakeholders


Gain more trust and respect for your organisation


Be proactive rather than reactive to change


Comply with all laws and regulations

“Carol's ability to guide an individual, board and organisation strategically,
culturally, and operationally is nothing short of artful.”

Ash Pritchard, Chair, New Zealand College of Chiropractic