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Strategic thinking and planning

Strategic planning is actually two processes – strategic thinking and then the resulting planning to turn that thinking into reality. Many organisations have experience of taking existing business strategy or short-term problem solving and making a plan that reflects how to fix what is happening in their organisations. In reality, the high performing organisations focus their strategic thinking on where they want to be and then look at where they are and what they need to do. This is a different way of thinking for many who are used to a problem-solving model of planning.

Strategic thinking is a process and set of behaviours that is needed throughout the organisation at all levels. We facilitate a process that enables participants to engage with all members of their organisation and communities to develop a direction for their organisation. We support big picture thinking and turning it into a strategic plan and then the corresponding business / operational plans right down to the individual performance requirements for employees and volunteers. Follow up coaching can be provided to support this implementation process.


Steps in the process include:​

  • Reviewing vision, mission and values for your organisation.

  • Creating strategic objectives on things that matter.

  • Taking the strategic objectives into an annual plan.

  • Linking annual plans to work objectives for all employees and volunteers.

  • Linking associated plans and budget to annual plan.

  • Enabling your strategic plan to come alive in all that you do.

  • Evaluation of progress against the plan.

  • Using your plan as a tool for marketing, friend raising and funding.


Brainstorming Sessions

When a business is challenged or is finding change difficult, often they turn to their managers and ask for a solution. We believe that better answers can come from a “brainstorming” session with representatives from all levels of your organisation. This has the benefit of building the commitment of your team to the success of the organisation, identifies those “hidden valuable members” and comes up with solutions that are sometimes blindingly obvious if we weren’t too close to the problem. We facilitate these sessions to ensure that all can contribute and come up with results.

“I have had the privilege of being part of a number of facilitated strategy sessions with Carol to reset, reinvigorate, and reengage a charity’s purpose and direction.  Carol’s depth of experience and forthright facilitation style has helped navigate some interesting discussions and I have always been left deeply proud of the result and excited for the implementation stage!  The charitable sector is richer for Carol’s contribution.”

Nicola Keen-Biggelaar, CEO Drowning Prevention Auckland
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