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Board coaching and training

We believe that great organisations come out of great leadership. Great leadership in organisations comes from a highly effective governance and management team working together with clarity in their roles, strategy and purpose.

We enable the leadership team and board to gain the skills and critical thinking that will take their organisation to higher levels of performance and position their conversations and decisions at a strategic level.  We provide coaching, training and support for the Chair, CEO, individual board members and the collective board.  

How we work with boards

We usually meet with the Chair of the Board and the CEO of the organisation and discuss the board aims and the reasons that board support may be appropriate.

We are happy to attend board meetings and strongly recommend that we do attend at least one meeting to understand the dynamic of the board and how the members work together. We do not provide advice on the business of the board but we will assist you in the following areas:

  • Strategies for the Board to operate as an effective and dynamic team.

  • Defining the roles of governance and management and navigating the line between.

  • Ensuring your board is discussing the things that really matter to your organisation’s future

  • Circumvent roadblocks in strategic thinking and planning.

  • Legal and ethical obligations of the Board.

  • Establishment and management of sub-committees.

  • Conflicts of interest and how to manage them.

  • Conduct impartial assessments of processes and policies. 

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